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Maya Measurement is a marketing research company dedicated to assessing and evaluating our clients' marketing communications and product development efforts worldwide. We enable marketing leaders from Fortune 500 companies and other organizations to make informed decisions about their positioning, messaging, advertising content, product features and more.

Taking qualitative research to the next level, Maya Measurement combines a variety of traditional methodologies with innovative electronic tools to gauge a broad range of respondent reactions. Maya Measurement has more than 20 years of research experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer with considerable depth in several industry sectors, including automotive, consumer packaged goods and technology.

Maya Measurement is a world leader in electronic data collection. Our unique quali-quant methodology includes the distinctive continuous measurement or moment-to-moment response tracking (often referred to as "dial testing" or "instant response") that has become so useful to many researchers. Over the past 20+ years of using and evolving our proprietary technology and technique, Maya Measurement leads the marketing research industry in properly collecting, applying and interpreting the valuable wealth of data this methodology generates.

Working with Maya Measurement means:
  • Better understanding your customers' interests and concerns
  • Learning how well your service offerings, product features and marketing messages resonate
  • Verifying industry trends and competitive intelligence
  • Identifying customer needs and market opportunities
  • Connecting with the optimal mix of research participants