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Research Expertise

Maya Measurement explores audience reactions to communications and products developed by some of the world’s leading corporations. From product feature descriptions to institutional marketing messages, from creative concepts to final executions — if you can communicate it, we can research and evaluate it.

Our goal is to provide our clients with vital insights they would not have otherwise obtained. So our research is designed to fully engage research participants — eliciting candid impressions, revealing hidden attitudes and clarifying important opinions. We stand on the creativity of our research design, the quality of our interactions with participants, the revealing insights we’re able to obtain and the robust analysis that goes into every report.

We speak with a wide variety of decision makers and influencers:
  • Executives of large, medium and small companies
  • Doctors, engineers and other professionals
  • Administrators, customer service reps and end users
  • Adults, teens and child consumers

Product and Service Development Research

When you're creating a new product or service - or refining something that already exists - nothing is more important than connecting with your target audience to understand their wants and needs. At Maya Measurement, we have extensive experience helping our clients:

  • Discover key challenges facing customers and end users
  • Narrow down options for product or service names
  • Understand which product features or service offerings are perceived as being most valuable or useful
  • Assess customers' overall level of interest
  • Explore barriers that might inhibit consideration or adoption
  • Determine how credible the solution is when it's associated with a particular brand or provider
  • Evaluate how well the solution is differentiated from what else is available

Online User Experience Research

Maya Measurement evaluates how people feel about their experiences online - from browsing and information gathering to shopping and purchasing. What are their favorite Web sites? How easily can they find what they're looking for on your site? What's missing or needs improvement? Maya can help with:

  • User opinions and behaviors
  • Corporate or e-commerce Web site evaluation
  • Navigation usability
  • Content analysis

Marketing Communications and Advertising Research

Maya Measurement conducts a great deal of research to assess the effectiveness of our clients' marketing communications and advertising at every stage of development.

At the earliest stages, Maya Measurement can explore what your target audience is thinking. What are they dissatisfied with and why? How and where do they look for alternative solutions? What is credible and relevant to them? What should you be saying in your communications?

Positioning and Messaging
After your organization decides what it wants to say, Maya Measurement can help evaluate and refine various ways of expressing your message. We can narrow down different positioning statements and value propositions, different approaches, different tones, etc. We help our clients uncover both rational and emotional drivers that lead to the development of new points of differentiation.

Creative Concepts
Once concepts are developed, Maya Measurement can help assess different executional approaches - headlines, visuals, text, format. We help you determine what's working, what's not and why.

Rough and Finished Communications
Maya Measurement uses several approaches to gauge communications at the later stages. The research can be diagnostic, evaluative - or both. With our unique instant response system, our clients are able to build benchmark databases and gather both qualitative and quantitative information about their creative efforts.