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At Maya Measurement, we employ a diverse range of qualitative techniques and innovative electronic tools, often mixing methodologies to realize the most learning. We’re able to assess what resonates with audiences — and what needs some refinement — so our clients can make any necessary adjustments at a global level — or market by market.

What benefits can you expect to realize with this kind of research?
  • You will have solid quantitative data upon which you can base your research conclusions and action plan.
  • You will have real qualitative "color" to explain the "why's" behind the numbers and support your research conclusions.
  • You will understand what's working, what's not, and why, so enhancements can be made to optimize your efforts.
  • The methodology provides standardization across different cultural or ethnic segments.
  • Benchmarks of key measures can be established over time.

Instant Response Systems

Maya Measurement’s proprietary instant response system is ideally suited for advertising copy testing and product development research. Using our unique wireless keypads with numbered buttons, we collect quantitative data from large groups of people seated together in a central location. Responses are anonymous and because each participant uses his or her own electronic data collection (EDC) device, there is little opportunity for influencing others or “group think.” Data is displayed in real time to the moderator and client viewers. The moderator then typically leads a focused discussion with all or part of the group to explore the “whys” behind the quantitative data. Gathering and interpreting data from a live audience has never been more immediate — or more revealing.

Our instant response system can be used to evaluate:
  • Advertising (rough and finished TV, print, radio)
  • Television programming
  • Concepts and new product development
  • Live events (e.g., political debates)
Moment-to-Moment Audience Response
This is a continuous measurement of audience feelings over the run time of a commercial or program, reaching the affective level for a distinctive exploration of consumer reactions. The research team can see participant sentiments translated into a response line that literally displays emotional or rational ups and downs as the stimulus is running. Maya Measurement was involved in developing the first wireless audience response system to test television programming and commercials. Consequently, we have a wealth of experience to creatively apply the technology and properly interpret the results

Electronic Questionnaire
This system is invaluable for collecting anonymous responses from group participants. Questions can be multiple choice, scalar or ranking.

Groups and Interviews

Maya Measurement has built a strong reputation moderating focus groups and conducting interviews of all types. From recruitment to final analysis, we know how to get to the information our clients are seeking.

In-Person Focus Groups and Mini-Groups
There are times when face-to-face interaction is critical. Facial expressions and gestures like nods speak volumes and provide a visual cue to what people are really feeling. Maya Measurement has conducted countless focus groups all over the world.

In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) — One-on-Ones, Dyads and Triads
A more personal and individualized research methodology often leads to a deeper understanding of perceptions, attitudes, beliefs and opinions. One-on-one interviews or groups of just two or three participants can provide more intimacy and result in less influence by others.

Custom Surveys

Looking for an efficient solution with a wide reach? Surveys can help you gather in-depth responses — or get a quick read on a critical question.

Web Surveys
With Web surveys, Maya Measurement automates data collection in a convenient online format. Using this methodology, we can tap into ever-growing panels and customer databases.

Phone Surveys
For less Web-savvy audiences, phone surveys may be ideal.