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Our Company

For over 20 years, the founder of Maya Measurement has been helping clients understand and gauge the impact and effectiveness of their product features, service offerings and marketing communications. Our experience has been in working with Fortune 500 companies and other product category leaders. We oversee every detail of research from beginning to end - planning, fieldwork, data analysis and interpretation. We find that this dedicated focus and level of expertise enables us to achieve the best possible research results for our clients.

Based in Chicago, Maya Measurement is a three-time recipient of the Advertising Research Foundation's David Ogilvy Award.

The Maya Measurement Difference

We bring to each assignment the experience, energy and specialized expertise to efficiently conduct high-level marketing research assignments in the U.S. and around the world. What sets us apart?

  • We remain in synch with our clients' industries, corporate environments and marketing objectives. of large, medium and small companies
  • We have extensive experience acquiring key insights from business-to-consumer and business-to-business audiences across a variety of cultures.
  • We know how to ask the right questions at the right time, when to probe and when not to probe.
  • We consistently deliver valuable, high-quality insights and recommendations our clients can put to immediate use.
  • We are creative, responsive and passionate about what we do.
  • We are continually exploring new ways to engage research participants.

Awards Won by Maya People

Each year, the Advertising Research Foundation's David Ogilvy Awards honor research that has contributed significantly to the development of great advertising. Maya is a three-time David Ogilvy Award winner.

Maya was privileged to work with Jaguar North America, a division of the Ford Motor Company, in evaluating its "Temptations" campaign. This provocative television, print and out-of-home advertising was designed to introduce Jaguar's new XJ8 model to the market. Maya evaluated how well the campaign would convey new features and quality improvements with the goal of driving traffic into the showroom. This research, along with other research efforts, was honored with a David Ogilvy Award for Jaguar, its agency and Maya.

Maya conducted qualitative and quantitative research with the U.S. Census Bureau and its agency, Young & Rubicam, to develop and evaluate a campaign targeting minority populations. The goal of the television and print advertising was to increase completion rates of the U.S. Census in 2000. The ARF honored Maya, Young & Rubicam and the Census Bureau with the prestigious Grand Ogilvy Award for research excellence.

And most recently, again for the 2010 U.S. Census, Maya worked along with Draftfcb Worldwide to evaluate their early creative efforts. Researching ad concepts (TV, radio, print, OOH, online) to optimize their effectiveness, we engaged citizens of the United States to evaluate ads in fourteen languages across the country including Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. As a result, the agency created a campaign that surpassed response rates from 2000 again capturing the David Ogilvy award for 2010.

Maya Measurement's Global Reach

Many of our clients produce products and communications that are global in scope. Much of our research has been conducted outside of the U.S.: